יום שבת, 25 ביולי 2009

Islam and Civilization

Rehovot, May 29th
For eons, as man ascended the scale of evolution, patterns of behavior evolved that were adequate (Until the advent of Islam) to ensure the survival of the human species.
Neither physical distance nor total lack of contact between societies prevented an obvious similarity of the basic traits of their respective cultures. All the cultures, at their very out set, recognized the fundamental need for an appropriate response to digressions from the ‘norm’*). The response, common to all cultures was a punishment proportional to the digression, at times as severe as death. This behavior was a time tested vital component of society’s durabilty.
*)In my book ‘norm’ in a group is anything conducive to perpetuation of that group
Cultures can be tailored for life in the Arctic or the Dessert, yet very early in their existence the concept of ‘Crime and Punishment’, a vital yarn holding the weave of life together evolved into chapter #1 of the moral codes of the respective cultures.
Over millennia the definition of crime/sin crystallized into: A sin is a deed or lack there of proven to be detrimental to the perpetuation of the species. Living things, humans and animals alike, in their quest for survival, threatened and punished the sinners. Back then there were no faculties for criminal sciences, evolution equipped leaders or majorities to know what to punish and how. Over the years the moral code became an umbrella under which society could live. Culture determined what an appropriate punishment is. It became a pillar of civilization.
All the above came to show how, contrary to common belief, Moral Code is not rigid and frozen. It evolves continuosely, as it adapts to the here and now.

What is an appropriate punishment for a suicide bomber (Usually Muslim)?
Facing Islam the western world stands helpless. Rather it would be correct to say, the world barely holds it's nose over the sea of oil in which Islam has flooded it. Islam freed itself from constrains of civilization as we know it. Those of us whom I call ‘Bleeding hearts’ try hard not to see Muslim fundamentalism for what it is. They say it is a ‘marginal phenomenon’, ‘not representative of Islam’, ‘temporary and not dangerous’ etc. The Bleeding hearts regard Islam as a romantic entity, something virtual along Lawrence of Arabia’s hallucinations- ....Riding noble horses, ....Wide pristine expanses of clean desserts, ....Hospitality, and so forth.
Such misleadimg illusions are dangerous. The west, drawing on its traditional cultural heritage is at risk of collaps, Islam. Floating on an ocean of oil, is threatening to drown the non Muslim world in a deluge of oil and terror.
I can not help but nominate Bin Laden as currently the most prominent Islamic representative. We are witnessing Islam, laden with fathomless inferiority complexes, engaged in an uncalled for war to ‘redeem’ the honor of the Koran and their Prophet, and the civilized west is brought to its knees: What will happen to oil supply? Arson? Pogroms? Caricature censorship? Cancelled shows? Terror attacks? If Bin Laden is not representing Islam should we not witness many counter demonstrations by so called 'moderate' Muslims? If there is truth in the claim that Bin Laden is not a Moslim idol then why was he not excommunicated by his ‘moderate' cobelievers? The passive consent of the 'moderates' is telling. No, the world at large is held for ransom by El Qaida. But try and frisk a Moslem in any transport terminal, what an out cry!! How dare you, you western racists, the curse of Allah on you!! You heathens!
Bleeding hearts say: "Dry the swamp and the mosquitoes will disappear". The bleeding hearts interpretation is: Pour your resources into the swamp so it dries up and does not feed the mosquitoes any longer, succumb to every last whim of the terrorists. Will the Muslim terror-drive stop? Never! Moslim-terror-drive-motivation is beyond economical or political issues; rather it is driven by fanatic persuasions to be quenched only by the conversion, by any means, of the last western ‘heretic’. Praize Allah!!
The true and effective meaning of "Drying of the swamp" is to free the world from dependence on oil for energy. Using alternative energy sources has numerous benefits, not the least of which is to rid humanity of the Muslim noose around its neck, while transforming Muslims into ordinary people.
Such an operation of swamp drying takes time. What do we do in the meanwhile?
If the west is to survive, it must modify the western moral code, this mosification must arm society to combat Islam. It is high time to come to realize the fact that Islam has abandoned the accepted framework of civilized world as shown by it's disdain of "Crime and Punishment" concept hitherto recognized. Thus it is only right to arm our selves with new chapters of moral code.
These new moral attitudes will appear to some (Bleeding hearts) as immoral. Those who uphold this view are prisoners of the fossillized out look on moral code. The only Raison d’être of each and every moral code inheritted is their contribution to human survival.
In face of Islam’s attack on the west the latter must legitimize a penal action which has been Taboo until the advent of El Qaida: Adopt the ultimatum. The obvious problem with it is that oftentimes innocent non-collaborators get in the way of the ultimatum being activated. So the moral way is design the ultimatum to minimize the collateral damage. But, and it is hard to say, Islam’s attacks will only stop after some ultimatums have been carried out. The suicide bombers will not be affected right away, but over time the population from which the terrorists originate will out-cast them, heeding their own modified moral code. Bleeding hearts among us will cry out that this is immoral collective-punishment. Yet, humanity is already engaged in many collective punishment activities, cases in mind Syria, North Korea, Iran, South Africa, Cuba…..
Appropriate punishment advocated by the bleeding hearts, together with narrow minded political and economical interests mitigate the effectiveness of the sanctions resulting in a ping pong pattern: Terror, then inadequate reaction, then further terror and again non decisive reactions, and so on, a game where the classic moral rules apply only to the non Muslim player. Eventually the fist is pounded, always late and costly. Inevitably lives and assets have been wasted on both sides.
Any unbiased observer will admit the world is shifting towards the ultimatum/sanction way. Islam robbed the west of choices.
May be I will not live to see the world’s liberation from El Qaida’s Islam, but freedom is sure to come.
The west must wake up, and it will.